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Reducing Your Procurement Costs
A Professional Service Always Acting in your Best Interest


NAVIGATOR.....Your Gateway to the North American Market

Let our purchasing experience assist you in reducing your procurement costs of U.S. products ........

We negotiate the best discount and terms in your favor and pass the savings on direct to your company. Our Navigator Procurement Service is your U.S. Purchasing Department.

The Navigator Procurement Service is a commission fee based service. Therefore there is no costs to you unless we reduce your procurement costs.

Since we already are an established Export Trading Company we purchase as resellers and not as users. This further reducers your procurement costs.

We already buy as a reseller and pass the savings on to you direct
We shop the North American Market for the Best Price and bring our results direct to you
We present to you direct three (3) quotations for the material you need, you decide where and from whom to buy
We negotiate the most favorable payment terms in your best interest
We find the most economical inland freight charges and forwarding fees

Contact us and we will custom design a program suitable for your needs....

For additional information , please contact