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Alkaline General Purpose Lantern

Alkaline Maximum TM Industrial Batteries.  Rayovac's new and improved Alkaline Maximum TM Industrial Batteries  are ideal for all your High drain frequent use devices. America's #1 selling  industrial alkaline battery. Built to exceed the performance demands of  industrial applications. Better for the environment-mercury and cadmium  free formula. Guaranteed against leakage. Convenient and economical  multi-pack packaging-easy to stock and inventory. Date coded package with  a storage life of up to 5 years.

Heavy Duty & General Purpose Industrial Batteries  Rayovac's heavy duty batteries are your best value in medium to low drain  devices. They are often a good choice on a cost-per-hour basis. Rayovac's  general purpose batteries are your low cost, reduced performance battery.  Your choice when cost is most important. America's #1 selling industrial heavy  duty and general purpose batteries. Built to exceed the performance demands  of industrial applications. Better for environment-mercury and cadmium free  formula. Guaranteed against leakage. convenient and economical multi-pack  packaging-easy to stock and inventory. Date coded package.